So far so good...

Callan and I (Rónán) used to repeatedly watch the amazing Mathieu Kassovitz film, La Haine when we were younger. The line 'So far so good, so far so good...' stuck with me.

Despite the many falls, the fact that four best friends from school still get to be creative and work on music together is incredible.

Taking a negative (lockdown) and the isolation we felt, we all returned to music. Being honest, we never really left. We'd swapped ideas and sketches of songs via What's App for years. Recorded bits and pieces in Garage Band and talked about new sounds. That urge to create never went away.

We'd never split up. It was a hiatus.

We've said bits and pieces of what happened in different interviews and podcasts recently. One day we'll sit down and tell the whole story. Of how we went from having big record labels asking us to do showcase gigs in London (and us being adamant that they should come to Coventry - especially as we could play sold out shows easily!) to being contacted by one of the hottest producers in the world wanting to work with us... until he found out we didn't have label backing and until we found out his rate was 1200 quid a day!

The album we returned to in lockdown nearly didn't happen. We thought all of the recordings were lost. Gavin Monaghan had moved his Magic Garden studios a couple of times and the chances of getting a hold of the original recordings were slim to non-existent. I mean, even if they were found on an old hard drive. They wouldn't work!

It's not called Magic Garden for no reason! Gavin was able to find most of the recordings on an old hard drive and salvage most of it. From here we set about re-imagining the songs, adding in new elements, working on arrangements, the mixing. It was obvious we'd all learnt a lot in between. However, what else soon became apparent was that the songs were probably even more relevant now than when they were first written. Songs about being isolated and an outsider, songs about unconditionally being their for someone. Songs for the marginalised, yet songs that all had a glimmer of hope. Something that we really think it the big take away message from the album.

Some songs changed so much we titled them. The previous unnamed album became known as 'Little Pictures Without Sound'. The title taken from one of the tracks that we first recorded all those years ago in a recording session with Gavin.

To add the finishing touches to the album we hit up Jason at LOUD Mastering - to have the album finished through some of the vintage gear that's being the mastering go to for the likes of: Radiohead, The Clash, PJ Harvey, Bob Marley (BOB FECKING MARLEY!) was something beautiful. That chance to get the best out of what we've put so much into was massive. It also meant that the album would be perfect for vinyl.

And so it is that the album will be released on limited edition vinyl. We can't wait to share the pre-order with you!

As Hubert in La Haine said, 'How you fall doesn't matter. It's how you land!'

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